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Pay your expenses with the deferred debit option that suits you best

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the time that suits you best to pay for your purchases.

What will you discover with Greenway?

When you register, choose the deferred payment option on your payment cards that best suits your needs: fortnightly, end-of-month or next month. On the due date, we'll automatically debit the total amount of your expenses shown on your statement. What's more, thanks to our user-friendly interface, you have the option of manual deferral by expense, enabling you to extend the payment deadline. Take advantage of this practical option to manage your budget flexibly and in line with your financial situation.

Greenway, it's easy!


A credit solution to manage your cash flow and have a single invoice.

Deferred payment

Discover the credit card, a practical and advantageous financial solution for managing your expenses with complete peace of mind. With this card, you can postpone the payment of your purchases until a later date, giving you greater flexibility in managing your budget.

Generate virtual cards Easily and securely create single-use virtual cards to pay invoices validated by your employees. Thanks to our innovative solution, you can now personalize each payment with unique virtual cards, ensuring transparent and efficient financial management.  
Credit carried forward by expense Choose the expenses you wish to defer and benefit from optimum financial flexibility. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you can defer payment to the following fortnight or month with just a few clicks. This feature is particularly useful when you have a large expense to finance.  
Transparent integration of receipts Make it easy to add receipts when managing expense reports. Take advantage of scanning and auto-recognition features to accurately record expenses, dramatically improving the efficiency of manual data entry.  
Analytical expenditure reports View detailed expense reports for in-depth analysis. Identify trends, pinpoint areas where spending can be improved, and make informed decisions to optimize your company's budget management.  
Procurement Thanks to our customizable approval circuits, you can offer your employees the possibility of anticipating future expenses and settling them with ease. This innovative solution will enable you to optimize your company's financial management while offering your teams great flexibility.  
Fast, automated reimbursement Improve the refund process with fast, automated functionality. Refunds are efficiently managed, reducing delays and significantly increasing employee satisfaction.  
Transparent accounting integration Simplify accounting management by easily integrating reimbursement information into your company's accounting system. Automate the recording of reimbursements and ensure financial compliance to further simplify your operations.  
Strategic Management of Spending Policies Implement strategic management of spending policies to optimize resource utilization and ensure rigorous compliance. Customize rules and limits according to different spending categories, promoting judicious use of available resources.