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Greenway road









Develop your CSR strategy with our mobility cards.

Access all the partners your fleet needs.


Means of payment

Cards, Badges & Electric charging
Your mobility trio!

Explore our range adapted to every need: current payments, urban travel and smooth passages on the motorway.

Mobility card - physical and virtual

Pay at 100% of service stations and other suppliers with your mobility card.

Electronic toll badge

VINCI - Ulys electronic toll badges directly integrated into your fleet management software.

Electric recharge badge

Pay at 100% of service stations and other suppliers with your mobility card.

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CSR strategy & Positive impact

Become a player in your CSR strategy.

Pay, measure, account and impact. We can support your organization in complying with the new ESG standards.

Carbon footprint analyzer

We measure the carbon footprint of each expense using an algorithm developed by the PWC Group.

Carbon accounting

Carbon management: a cornerstone of sustainable development.

Green Points

Each expenditure earns you a quota of Green Points available via the Greenway Foundation. Take action!

Management Tools

Reinvent daily business life

Where advanced technology meets green responsibility, for a professional footprint that is as innovative as it is eco-responsible.


Financial interface

Optimize your supplier expenses, your expense reports and recover your VAT.


Manage your supplier invoices with our budgets and approval workflows.

Analytical dashboard

Track and analyze all your expenses in real time.

Sustainable and financial benefits

Discover how we combine savings, financial transparency and ecological actions for a greener and economically healthy future.


visibility into your expenses

Precise control of financial activities, ensuring increased transparency.

45 days

deferral on your expenses

Facilitates the adjustment of budgets with a reflection interval before the final report.


carbon footprint canceled

Actively contribute to environmental protection through sustainable initiatives.


foreign exchange fees

Eliminate additional costs while traveling.

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Equip your employees

Une tarification simple et transparente qui évolue avec vous.


Discover your next

Multi-energy mobility cards

from 3€ / month.

Complmentary options

  Virtual cards

Virtual cards for your payments on the internet or with Apple & Google Pay.

from  1.5€ / month

 Electronic toll badge

VINCI-Ulys badges for driving without stopping on motorways.

2€ / month


Your software option according to your needs:


  • Budget and monitoring
  • Expense
  • Mileage allowances


149€ / month
  • Card configuration
  • Procurement
  • OCR invoices


  • SSO
  • Multi-entity
  • API access