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Fleet Management: improve your vehicle fleet

Transform your vehicles into strategic assets with our integrated fleet management solution.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Maximize the performance of your vehicle fleet with our connected fleet management solution. Track in real time, analyze data, and simplify maintenance. Integrate with existing systems for seamless management and efficient use of resources.

Greenway is simple!


An integrated and connected fleet management solution.

Real-time monitoring of the vehicle fleet Get instant visibility into every vehicle in your fleet. Track vehicle locations, routes and status in real time, improving operational management and responsiveness to changing needs.  
Driving Data Management Analyze driving data to promote safety and efficiency. Monitor driving habits, identify opportunities for improvement, and encourage responsible driving for a safer and more environmentally friendly fleet.  
Personalized Dashboard Create custom dashboards to visualize relevant data. Adapt key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet your specific business objectives, making informed decision-making easier.  
Fuel Cost Management Monitor and optimize fuel costs with dedicated tools. Identify consumption trends, compare vehicle performance, and adopt eco-responsible driving practices to reduce fuel costs.  
Integration with Accounting Systems Easily integrate fleet management data with existing accounting systems. Simplify fleet expense accounting for transparent and accurate financial management.  
Digital Document Management Centralize fleet-related documents, such as insurance certificates and registration documents. Make documentation easier to access and manage, ensuring compliance and simplifying administrative processes.  
Personalized Analysis Reports Generate custom analytics reports to assess fleet performance. Identify areas of efficiency, track associated costs, and adjust operational strategies to optimize fleet management.  
Proactive Alerts and Notifications Receive proactive alerts for incidents, maintenance deadlines and anomalies. Stay informed in real time of critical events, enabling reactive and preventive management for an always operational fleet.  
Carbon Emissions Monitoring Measure and track your fleet's carbon emissions. Integrate emissions tracking tools to assess the carbon footprint of each vehicle, making it easier to implement strategies to reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.