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Your new
mobility solution

Find all your payment cards at
within a single management application.

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access to all suppliers

Stop waste time making detours. Greenway gets you everywhere.


carbon footprint measured

Each of your expenses is meticulously measured to extract your carbon footprint.


visibility on your expenses

Precise control of financial activities, ensuring greater transparency.


Means of payment

Your new mobility tools

Discover our various payment methods to facilitate your online and in-store purchases. Take advantage of the simplicity and security offered by our payment solutions. We have everything you need to make your transactions fast and efficient. No more hassle, opt for ease with our new mobility tools.

Fuel cards

A recycled plastic credit card. More than 70 real-time settings to secure it.

Virtual cards

On the internet or via Apple or Google Pay, deploy virtual cards quickly.

Toll badges

In partnership with Ulys (Vinci), obtain your VL and PL badges for your vehicles.

EV Charging

Benefit from 100% of the European electric charging network with public prices.

CSR Strategy & Positive Impact

Develop your CSR policy

Develop your CSR policy strategically and innovatively. Commit to a responsible approach that reflects your company's values and meets the expectations of your stakeholders.


Carbon footprint

We calculate the ecological footprint of each of your expenses using an exclusive algorithm designed by EY.


The more you spend, the more points you earn, which you can use to support the associations through the Foundation.

Carbon accounting

Carbon accounting is thus becoming the cornerstone of a green economy moving towards practices that are more respectful of our planet.

Better buyings

We motivate your employees to adopt more environmentally-friendly spending habits, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Expense management

A fully integrated mobility application

All your expenses in real time, whether for professional or personal trips. No more worries about lost expense reports and receipts, you will be able to effectively manage your budget and optimize your travel.


Our supplier expense commitment module, powered by AI and OCR, will allow you to monitor the progress of your invoices.

Expense reports

An expense reports, mileage allowances and Per Diem module specially designed to centralize everything.

Triple accountings

Our accounting engines carry out your various entries: financial, analytical and carbon.

Credit card

Pay all your expenses at the fortnight or at the end of the month. Save for your cash flow for your growth.

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... and that's not all!

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Ultra secure server 🇫🇷

Demand the best for your payment data. Our servers are French and located in France. They are audited every year by the Ministry of the Interior.

Our concrete certifications

Exemplarity is at the heart of our profession. Greenway has passed with flying colors the best accreditations available on the market.

Our partner associations

Each purchase made with Greenway will allow you to contribute to the associations of your choice. Your patronage will build a better world.