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Green Points: Transform your Purchases into impact Actions

Earn, collect, and contribute to a sustainable future with our Green Points.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Participate in our innovative Green Points program. With each transaction, accumulate eco-responsible points, promoting sustainable consumption choices. Employees also earn Green Points by spending in an eco-responsible manner. These points can be donated to chosen associations, thus creating a positive impact for the environment and society.

Greenway is simple!


The CSR transition of your company is available to you.

Collaborative Green Points Program Each transaction made with the card generates Green Points. These points can be collected by the company and employees, thus promoting eco-responsible practices. The points are then donated to associations chosen by the company.  
Automatic Collection of Green Points Automate the collection of Green Points for each transaction made with the card. Facilitate employee participation and maximize the positive ecological impact of each purchase.  
Choice of Eco-responsible Associations Let the company choose from a list of eco-responsible associations where the Green Points will be donated. Offer employees the opportunity to contribute to causes that are important to them.  
Tax exemption for Solidarity Donations Promote generosity by allowing tax exemption for donations made to selected associations. Each Green Point collected can be converted into a tax-exempt donation, thus encouraging employees and the company to support environmental and social causes.  
Green Points Bonus for Eco-responsible Spending Encourage eco-responsible behavior by offering Green Points bonuses when employees make environmentally friendly expenses. Promote more sustainable consumption choices.  
Personalized Green Point Monitoring Offer employees detailed monitoring of their Green Points. Create a user-friendly interface where they can visualize the positive impact of their spending choices on the environment.  
Ecological Awareness Campaigns Launch awareness campaigns on the ecological impact of Green Points. Educate employees on the importance of their consumption choices and reinforce their commitment to sustainable practices.  
Internal Sharing of Ecological Initiatives Create an internal platform where employees can share their eco-responsible initiatives. Encourage a company culture focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility.  
Environmental Impact Reports Provide periodic reports on the overall environmental impact of collected Green Points. Allow the company and employees to concretely measure their positive contribution to environmental protection.