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Our commitments

We lead by example in our CSR policy.
What we do

Our 6 commitments as a Mission company

01 Carbon neutrality
01Carbon neutrality

The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible, by using renewable energies for its operations, optimizing its logistics processes and offsetting residual emissions by investing in carbon sequestration projects.

02 Eco-responsible cards
02Eco-responsible cards

We develop professional payment cards from sustainable and recyclable materials. We are also committed to minimizing the use of plastics and promoting environmentally-friendly production methods.

03 Awareness programs
03Awareness programs

The company is committed to raising awareness among its customers and business partners of the environmental issues associated with financial transactions. It may set up awareness campaigns, educational initiatives and incentives to encourage the adoption of eco-responsible behavior in the use of payment cards.

04 Transparency and traceability
04Transparency and traceability

The company guarantees total transparency on the origin of the materials used in the manufacture of its payment cards. It will put in place tracking and tracing mechanisms to ensure the responsible provenance of raw materials, informing its customers about its sustainability efforts.

05 Responsible partnerships
05Responsible partnerships

The company is committed to working with responsible partners who share the same environmental values. This could include agreements with financial institutions involved in sustainable projects, alliances with certified eco-responsible companies, and the promotion of joint initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint.

06 Green tech
06Green tech

Our belief is that a truly exceptional company not only excels in its field but also takes responsibility for the environment. We firmly believe that every good company should strive to develop and grow using green technology, specifically by implementing lower carbon servers.

Our entrepreneurship for tomorrow

Choosing a social and inclusive team is at the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. We are firmly committed to creating a working environment that celebrates diversity in all its forms, recognizing that inclusion is an essential driving force behind innovation and success. We foster a culture of fairness, mutual respect and acceptance, where every team member feels valued. Our recruitment practices aim to eliminate bias and promote diversity, with particular attention paid to gender balance, varied cultural representation and the integration of people from all backgrounds. By investing in a social and inclusive team, we aspire to generate a positive impact not only within our company, but also in the communities we serve, reinforcing our commitment to authentic and meaningful CSR.

Choosing Eco-Responsible Suppliers

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our rigorous selection of eco-responsible suppliers. We favor partnerships with computer servers powered exclusively by green energy, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the energy transition. These servers run on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or hydro power, minimizing the environmental impact of our IT operations. What's more, our IT fleet relies on reconditioned equipment, extending its life cycle and reducing the production of electronic waste. By adopting these practices, we seek to integrate environmental responsibility into every stage of our supply chain, promoting a holistic approach to sustainability.

Development of Green Tech Solutions

Beyond our sourcing choices, our commitment to the environment is reflected in the very design of our solutions. We have opted for a Green Tech approach to the development of our technology. This involves using environmentally-friendly coding practices, minimizing energy consumption and optimizing algorithm efficiency. We seek to reduce the carbon footprint of our software solutions by adopting optimized architectures, efficient data processing algorithms and promoting responsible coding practices. By integrating eco-efficient technologies, we aim to offer innovative solutions that make a positive contribution to the overall sustainability of the technology sector and address current environmental challenges.