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A credit card like no other

A fuel, mobility, internet and electric recharge card combined in a 100% recycled plastic card.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Explore the exceptional with our one-of-a-kind credit card. Discover innovation with an integrated map: fuel, mobility, internet, and electric charging, all in 100% recycled plastic. Redefine your payment experiences with responsibility.

Greenway is simple!


A payment card that hides many others.

A card that goes everywhere Access 100% of gas stations, tolls, washes, parking and electric charging with just one card. No more detours. Access low-cost networks near you and save time. You can obviously use your card at all other physical and online stores depending on how your cards are configured.  
Secure cards for your employees Payment cards with more than 70 security settings. In real time, modify the spending authorizations of your cards. Alongside your spending policy, authorize or refuse certain merchants, types of merchants, amounts and spending schedules. Your cards will only spend where you choose.  
Pay in physical or virtual Depending on your needs, we provide you with physical cards made from 100% recycled plastic or virtual cards to pay online. One or the other, embedded in your Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallet to pay more easily.  
0% foreign exchange fees You travel a lot ? Exchange fees are 0%. We guarantee you a cost of payment abroad at the exchange rate of the destination currency. Don't ask yourself any more questions about how much your trip will cost you in expenses.  
A line of credit for your expenses Credit cards to pay later. By joining Greenway, we grant you a line of credit for the use of your cards. You spend, and we will debit you for your entire expenses within 15 or 45 days. Take advantage of this breath of cash and this simplicity of management to move your business forward.  
Let's calculate your carbon footprint Each expense you make will be submitted to our algorithm to calculate the CO2 impact. The Åland Index methodology is reviewed by EY. Our methodology is based on the GHG Protocol by choosing specific supplier data.  
Your supporting documents are well kept We electronically sign your purchase receipts and then store them in a digital safe. These comply with the new regulations and are enforceable against the tax administrations.  
Foolproof insurance In partnership with the world leader in professional insurance AIG, we have a complete range of coverage specially designed for your needs and the hazards of your job. Repatriation, excess on your car rental, civil liability. Everything is there !  
Alerts and notifications for each payment Receive real-time alerts and notifications for every payment. Stay informed instantly about transactions, strengthening financial monitoring and proactive management within your payment and mobility platform.