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The Greenway Foundation

Let's move towards the future together

Together, let's change the world of tomorrow.

Our commitments are rooted in our desire to improve our environment. Deeply convinced that only a global impact will be effective, we have decided to launch the Greenway Foundation for the Future.
The Greenway Foundation embodies the innovative alliance between business and philanthropic aspirations. Since its inception in 2023, it has established itself as an essential pillar, supporting French and European SMEs and ETIs in their quest for positive social and environmental impact.
Through a precise and concerted approach to giving, the Greenway Foundation is becoming a major player in the promotion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It symbolizes the union of wills, forming a vehicle propelling change towards a more sustainable and equitable future. The Greenway Foundation, one of the pioneers of private commitment to contemporary environmental and social projects, is dedicated to uniting companies around shared values and tackling the challenges we face together.
Guided by an ethical committee of eminent, independent figures, each year the Foundation chooses a Sustainable Development Goal on which to focus its efforts. In 2024-2025, it will focus on infant nutrition, with the ambition of saving hundreds of thousands of lives.
The Greenway Foundation is funded directly by Greenway, as well as by 1%ForAll, a generous contribution from each of the company's customers. In addition, Greenway covers all operating costs, guaranteeing that every penny collected from partner companies is fully invested in the realization of common projects. Transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of our mission.
Through its actions, the Greenway Foundation embodies the power of small actions combined to create monumental impact. It aspires to become a catalyst of hope, uniting the voices of those who, until now, have acted individually, to build a better future.

We are building our story with you.

One project at a time, looking towards the future.

The Greenway Foundation project flourishes in a complex mosaic of responsibilities and opportunities, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainability. At the heart of this initiative lies a deep commitment to three essential pillars: the environment, the ecosystem and the social. Considering every nuance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), it offers personalized support. In-depth audits outline potential improvements, while tailor-made training programs enable companies to merge their aspirations with concrete actions. Signature projects embody its determination to make a meaningful difference, from the CSR certification program, celebrating exemplary achievements, to awareness campaigns that build connections between businesses and the global community.

The biodiversity preservation initiative stands as a testimony to the Greenway Foundation's firm commitment to a thriving planet. In an interconnected world, it positions itself as a unifying force, working to create global synergy where responsible companies are not only economic actors, but architects of a sustainable future, balancing prosperity and environmental and social harmony.

  • Awaken Consciousness
  • Diagnosis and Support
  • CSR certification
  • Collaborative Initiatives
  • Ecological and Social Projects
  • Advocating for Sustainable Policies

Awareness and Mobilization

The Greenway Foundation will launch global awareness campaigns to inform and educate businesses on environmental and social issues. Events, conferences and educational resources will be deployed to raise awareness and encourage mobilization around the importance of a responsible transition.

CSR Audits and Training Programs

The Foundation will offer in-depth corporate social responsibility (CSR) audits to assess existing practices. Based on these assessments, tailor-made training programs will be developed to strengthen the internal capacities of companies, thus helping them to integrate sustainable and responsible practices.

Recognizing Responsible Excellence

The Foundation will establish a CSR certification program aimed at recognizing and celebrating companies that are exemplary in their commitment to sustainability. This certification will serve as a label of excellence, strengthening the reputation of companies while stimulating positive competition.

Encouraging Business-Business Cooperation

The Foundation will facilitate collaborative initiatives, encouraging companies to share best practices, collaborate on responsible projects and establish strategic partnerships. This approach will promote synergy and the emergence of initiatives with a positive impact.

Tangible Actions for the Planet and Society

The Foundation will initiate concrete projects focused on preserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change and strengthening the social fabric. These projects will serve as catalysts for tangible actions, demonstrating the positive impact resulting from business engagement.

Influencing Change on a Global Scale

The Foundation will actively engage in advocacy for sustainable policies at local, national and international levels. By collaborating with governments, international organizations and other stakeholders, the Greenway Foundation will seek to influence policy decisions to create an enabling environment for sustainability and social responsibility.