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Accounting Engine: Transform your Expenses into Strategic Resources

Generate triple accounting, analytics and carbon for integrated financial and environmental management.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Optimize your financial management with our innovative accounting engine. Track expenses, benefit from triple accounting (financial, analytical, carbon), and easily integrate with market software. Transform transactions into strategic data for precise, transparent management aligned with sustainable practices.

Greenway is simple!


An accounting engine worthy of your vehicle fleet.

Triple Dimension Accounting The platform generates triple financial, analytical and carbon accounting. Track expenses with unrivaled accuracy, enabling complete transparency in managing company finances, operations and carbon footprint.  
Seamless Accounting Integration Seamlessly integrate the platform with accounting software on the market. Ensure smooth synchronization of financial data, facilitating the analysis and reporting process for effective accounting management.  
Advanced Analytics Management Take advantage of advanced analytics management to track performance by project, department or spend category. Optimize resources by identifying areas of efficiency and making informed decisions.  
Integrated Carbon Monitoring The platform includes carbon monitoring for each transaction. Assess the carbon footprint of your activities and take proactive steps to minimize environmental impact, thereby aligning your actions with a sustainable vision.  
Customizing Expense Categories Customize expense categories for accounting that fits the business structure. Simplify analysis by aligning categories to specific goals and reporting needs.  
Real-time tracking of fleet expenses Track fleet-related expenses in real time. Integrate data into the platform for proactive management of maintenance costs, fuel costs and other crucial aspects of fleet management.  
Personalized Analytical Reporting Generate customized analytical reports to meet specific business needs. Analyze financial and analytics data for strategic decision-making and proactive resource management.  
Automation of Accounting Processes Automate accounting processes to save time and minimize errors. The platform ensures accurate and efficient data entry, improving the reliability of financial and analytical reporting.  
Compliance with International Accounting Standards The platform ensures compliance with international accounting standards. Benefit from transparent and compliant financial management, facilitating audits and strengthening the credibility of the company.