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A centralized application to manage your entire fleet

Fuel card, electric recharge badge, report and monitoring within your cockpit.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Discover a complete solution to efficiently manage your fleet thanks to our centralized web and mobile application. Enjoy an integrated cockpit with fuel card, electric charging badge, detailed reports and real-time tracking. Simplify your fleet management, wherever you are.

Greenway is simple!


A 100% online management platform.

100% real-time platform Explore our 100% real-time payment and mobility platform, integrating personalized features such as secure virtual cards, thus optimizing the financial management and mobility of your business instantly and efficiently.  
Expense approval workflow Optimize your expenses with our integrated, real-time approval workflow. Simplify the financial management of your business with a fast and efficient approval process for optimal expense control.  
Expense and travel policies Refine expense and travel management with our integrated, real-time policies. Easily customize and enforce financial rules, ensuring optimal compliance and transparent management within your business.  
Live Dashboard tracking Explore our real-time tracking Dashboard. Instantly access crucial data for a holistic and proactive view of your financial operations, thereby optimizing decision-making within your business.  
Advanced financial reporting Take advantage of our Advanced Financial Report in real time. Access in-depth analytics instantly, optimizing the understanding and proactive management of your financial data for informed decisions within your business.  
Mobile app Discover our Mobile Application, offering a fluid and intuitive user experience. Manage your business payments and mobility anywhere, anytime, for optimal efficiency within your business.  
Roles & Permissions Explore our Roles & Permissions features. Customize access and permissions, providing granular control for secure and efficient management within your payment and mobility platform.  
SSO Integrate SSO (Single Sign-On) functionality into our platform. Simplify access with single sign-on, enhancing security while optimizing the user experience within your payment and mobility solution.  
API access Our Real-Time API Access feature for seamless connectivity with other systems. Optimize the efficiency of your payment and mobility platform by ensuring real-time integration.