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Every transaction matters

Each purchase is transparently analyzed to assess its carbon footprint. Based on superior S&P Global financial and environmental data.

What can you expect from Greenway?

Calculating and tracking your carbon footprint with every purchase becomes easy, thanks to Open Source algorithms and calculation methods. You'll be able to visualize the environmental impact of your daily actions and make more sustainable decisions to protect our planet.

Converts financial transactions into a real environmental footprint by measuring their impact in CO₂e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

The Åland index methodology is reviewed by EY, with calculations based on actual financial and environmental data.

Comprehensive, comparable data provided by S&P Global and supplemented by public sources and models

Data continuously updated to ensure that the index reflects the most recent emissions data.

Local adjustment factors for over 80 countries, taking into account country-specific lifestyle factors.

Innovation for a sustainable lifestyle for all

The Åland Index is the globally recognized methodology underpinning impact transactions. 

In 2016, Åland Index was launched in partnership with Banque d'Åland, a pioneer in estimating the environmental footprint of financial transactions. Today, Åland Index is the global standard and is used by over 90 banks worldwide.

In 2020, the calculation of water scarcity was added to the index, a world first in the field of finance. By integrating water scarcity calculations, it has broadened the scope of its platform and deepened understanding of the complex interplay between climate change, resource use and sustainable financial decisions.
Carbon calculator

Accelerate your carbon policy

Transparently translates every purchase into the consumer's carbon footprint.
  • Pay your business expenses

    Via your mobility card, our supplier invoice module or by expense report, we integrate everything into the measurement process.

  • Measure your carbon footprint

    Measure the impact of your actions on the planet and adopt eco-responsible gestures on a daily basis.
  • Integrate your scope 1, 2 and 3

    Emission factors are generated by combining company-reported data with modelled data covering Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, thus including all the greenhouse gases stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol.