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Electric Charging Badges: Simplify your Transition

Explore innovation with our smart badges for electric vehicles.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Discover a new era of electric vehicle charging with our innovative badges. Make your travels easier, track your charging sessions, and participate in eco-responsible programs. Explore sustainable mobility while benefiting from intelligent energy management for greener and more efficient journeys.

Greenway is simple!


The electric charging badge for your fleet of eco-responsible vehicles.

Intelligent Charging Management Simplify charging your electric vehicle with an innovative badge. Track, plan and analyze your charging sessions in real time, optimizing your energy use.  
Multi-Level Security Keep your recharge transactions secure with advanced protocols, such as secure authentication and real-time monitoring, ensuring a hassle-free experience.  
Navigation assistance Get built-in support to find and navigate to available charging stations. Simplify your travels with real-time information on compatible charging points.  
Management of Charging Sessions Simplify tracking of your charging sessions. Capture essential data, such as duration, consumption, and get detailed reports to optimize your charging habits.  
Transparent Pricing Benefit from clear and transparent pricing for your charging sessions. Avoid hidden costs with detailed pricing information, optimizing your energy budget.  
Information on Environmental Impact Access detailed information on the carbon footprint of your refills. Visualize the environmental impact of your journeys and make informed choices to help preserve the environment.  
Access to Analytical Reports Get detailed reports on your energy consumption. Analyze trends, identify efficiency opportunities and make informed decisions to optimize the use of your electric vehicle.  
Integrated Hydrogen Technology Explore a green alternative with integrated hydrogen technology. Take advantage of innovative charging options, paving the way for sustainable mobility through the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source.  
Intelligent Assistance System Take advantage of an intelligent support system to quickly resolve any issues with your recharge badge. Instant responses and efficient solutions for a hassle-free charging experience.