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Expense accounts, mileage allowances and per diems

Optimize the financial management of your business travel with our integrated solutions.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Simplify business expense management with our advanced solutions. Simplify expense claim entry, automate mileage tracking, and efficiently plan Per Diems. Improve accuracy, transparency and financial compliance while optimizing your business travel budgets.

Greenway, it's easy!


A unified solution for your employees' expense reports.

Simplified expense management Simplify expense management with a user-friendly interface. Easily capture, upload and track receipts, speeding up the reimbursement process and improving administrative efficiency.  
Mileage allowance tracking Automate mileage allowance tracking. Use built-in functionality to record trips, calculate distances traveled and simplify the travel expense reimbursement process.  
Advanced Per Diem Planning Anticipate travel costs with advanced Per Diem planning. Customize daily allocations by destination, making it easy to manage business travel budgets.  
Transparent integration of receipts Easily integrate receipts into the expense claim process. Use scanning and auto-recognition features to accurately record expenses, optimizing manual data entry.  
Analytical Expense Reports Get detailed expense reports. Analyze trends, identify areas for expense optimization and make informed decisions to improve corporate budget management.  
Customize Expense Categories Customize expense categories for expense reports. Adapt the system to the company's internal structure, simplifying the process of tracking and managing business expenses.  
Fast, Automated Refunds Speed up the refund process with fast, automated functionality. Refunds are processed efficiently, reducing delays and improving employee satisfaction.  
Transparent accounting integration Integrate reimbursement data seamlessly into the company's accounting system. Simplify accounting management by automating the recording of reimbursements and ensuring financial compliance.  
Strategic Management of Spending Policies Implement strategic management of spending policies. Customize rules and limits according to expense categories, promoting judicious use of resources and rigorous compliance.