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The fuel card that will change your employees' lives.

Access all the partners your fleet needs. With a new-generation fuel card, you save time, money and your carbon footprint.

Carte greenway credit

Choose a 100% customizable fuel card solution that truly meets your company's needs.




Greenway fuel cards represent a revolution for professionals seeking efficiency and sustainability in their travels. By opting for our cards, you embrace a new generation of mobility, designed to simplify your journeys and reduce your operating costs. No more pointless detours in search of a compatible or economically advantageous service station: with Greenway, you gain direct access to an extensive network of refuelling points, offering preferential rates on petrol and opening the doors to renewable energies.

Access 100% of our professional mobility services.

Discover unprecedented freedom in career mobility with our innovative platform. Access 100% of our professional mobility services, designed to propel you to new horizons of success. 


Gas stations






Car washing


EV Charging




With payment cards tailored to your needs.

Discover a revolutionary payment solution, perfectly tailored to your unique requirements. We understand that every individual and every business has specific needs, which is why we offer payment cards tailored to meet your exact requirements.

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End-of-month payment
0% foreign fees
70 card security settings
Customizable PIN code
Carte en plastique recyclé
Real-time transactions

Save money and carbon.

In a world of dwindling resources and growing ecological awareness, it's vital to find effective ways of reducing our impact on the planet while preserving our wallets.

Access to low-cost stations
No more detours
Not just mobility expenses
Calculate your carbon footprint
CSR strategy and decarbonization
Optimized route and distance
Gaétan CapucinePresident
“The product is really practical, easy to use and saves a lot of time. I haven't encountered any particular problems so far, but I felt that the team listened!”
Thibaut Marie-ThérèseFleet manager
“A team that listened and took the time to answer all my questions. The solution is simple, effective, perfect for getting rid of issues that previously took up far too much of my time.
I recommend the company with my eyes closed.”
Axel MagaliCEO
“We were looking for a card solution for our drivers and after a few exchanges with the Greenway team and comparisons with other services we decided to go with them. A serious team and an accomplished service that saves us precious time”.
Fabien MathiasExecutive Assistant
“Congratulations to Greenway for your exemplary service and intuitive tool. Your team is always available to meet our needs, which makes our experience most enjoyable. Thank you!”

Our other products for your business

Fuel & mobility card

Fully configurable, our payment cards adapt perfectly to your operational requirements, allowing you to control and limit spending according to your specific criteria.

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Virtual card

Generate one-shot or recurring virtual cards for all your online purchases.

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Electronic toll tag

Access all French and European motorway networks in partnership with Vinci-Autoroutes.

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EV Charging

Access 100% of charging stations for your fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Carbon footprint

Discover the environmental impact of your day-to-day purchasing and build your own emissions reports. 

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Carbon accounting

Develop a clear and precise vision of your ecological footprint by generating your own carbon accounting.

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Better Spendings

Become an exemplary company by guiding your employees in eco-responsible purchasing.

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1% FOR ALL® commitments

Get access to high-impact actions thanks to the Greenway Foundation you'll collect every time you spend with your payment cards. Choose the cause you wish to support in your CSR vision and guide your company on the right path.

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Management application

Our application, designed to be both simple and intuitive, lets you track your finances at a glance, make payments seamlessly, and receive instant notifications of every transaction.

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Monitor and optimize your costs and VAT recovery in real time.

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Expense reports

Allow your employees to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

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Approve and pay your supplier invoices according to your different budgets.

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