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Choose to spend in a sustainable way.

What if you aligned your employees' expenses with your CSR policy?

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Become an impact company thanks to your employees.

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Impact on suppliers

Our goal is to create a business ecosystem where every transaction contributes to the protection of our planet, encourages sustainable practices and supports the local economy. By choosing to spend your money with suppliers who share these values, you are actively participating in this vision, fostering a greener, fairer future for all.



Impact on products

In our unique approach, every expense your company incurs is scrutinized with the utmost care. We don't just look at the numbers; we go far beyond them. The products you choose to buy are analyzed one by one, to determine their real impact on the environment, society, and their compliance with the strictest ethical standards.


Employee incentives

Based on these assessments and the amounts spent on greener choices, your employees will earn “Green Points” and “Badges”, symbols of their positive contribution to the environment. Thanks to the Greenway Foundation, these points and badges can be converted into donations for environmental associations chosen by your employees.

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  • We cleverly encourage your employees to spend in an eco-responsible way.

  • Each expense earns a Bonus or Malus of Green Points and Badges.

  • Green Points can then be donated to associations of the employee's choice.

  • Our AI dashboards help you improve your purchasing strategy.
27% carbon emission reduction
100% employee satisfaction
100% regulatory compliance
13% savings on purchases

Transaction examples:

This rating applies to all expenses incurred via the Greenway solution: payment card, electronic toll tag, electric recharging, online purchasing, expense accounts, procurement, etc.

Merchant score

Product score



Green Points


  • 0.707kg CO2/ €
  • Paper
  • Intra-France


  • 35,66 €
  • 12 units
  • 0 Liter


  • Green Points : +34
  • Badges : +6


Paris - Lyon

  • 1.5kg CO2
  • Transport
  • France


  • 56,32 €
  • 1 unit
  • 0 Liter
  • Green Points : +246
  • Badges : +16


  • 2,28kg CO2 / L
  • Fuel
  • International


  • 82,11€
  • 0 unit
  • 46 Liter
  • Green Points : -124
  • Badges : +0

What will your employees gain from better spending?

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Green Points

Each expenditure, based on merchant scores, products and quantities purchased, earns a certain number of Green Points. Assign your Green Points to the Greenway Foundation partner associations of your choice.
Personal badges

Depending on your spending, your regularity and your carbon footprint, you gain more or less experience to earn eco-responsible consumption badges.
National ranking

At the end of the period, access the anonymous ranking of your company and employees. Depending on your sector and size, you'll find out if you're one of the most eco-responsible companies. Certifications will be issued.
carbon footprint
employee commitment
employer brand

What are you waiting for?

Join the Greenway adventure and give your employees the means to spend better.

Your fleet of vehicles will have 100% of

The easy way to save money.


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