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Toll badges: Simplify your Journeys, Avoid Waiting

Save time and effort with our smart electronic toll badges.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Optimize your travel on the highways with our intuitive electronic toll badges. Quickly pass non-stop tolls, manage your transactions in real time, and access exclusive benefits. Simplify your journeys, reduce wait times, and enjoy a worry-free driving experience with our advanced electronic toll badges.

Greenway is simple!


The electronic toll badge for your fleet of LV and HGV vehicles.

Rapid and non-stop passage Save time on the road by using your electronic toll badge to quickly pass through tolls without stopping. Simplify your travels and reduce waiting times.  
Multi-Highway Management Travel freely on different highways. The electronic toll badge provides transparent fee management, eliminating the need to juggle highway-specific payments.  
Parking and Associated Services Use your electronic toll badge to quickly and easily access associated car parks. Also take advantage of additional services, such as car washing or electric charging.  
Real-Time Notifications Stay informed instantly about your badge usage with real-time notifications. Receive alerts on transactions, balance updates and special promotions.  
Assisted Navigation Optimize your route with AI-assisted navigation. The electronic toll badge uses intelligent algorithms to guide you along the fastest route taking into account current conditions.  
Free Flow without Constraints Experience switching to “Free Flow” mode without constraints. Avoid traditional tolls with smooth, seamless navigation, providing an uninterrupted driving experience on dedicated lanes.  
Automated Budget Management Simplify your budget management with the automatic expense tracking feature. Analyze your travel costs and optimize your budget thanks to the detailed reports generated by the badge.  
License Plate Recognition Simplify your travels even further with automatic license plate recognition. Pair your electronic toll badge with this feature for frictionless passage through tolls, ensuring a seamless driving experience.  
Trip History and Cost Analysis Access a detailed history of your journeys and analyze the associated costs. Gain valuable insights into your travel habits, making future planning and budget optimization easier.