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Advanced Financial Report: Optimize your Financial Decisions

Explore unparalleled financial management with advanced reporting tools.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Analyze your expenses in depth, compare costs to the market, and predict your budgets with our advanced financial reporting solution. Benefit from automated VAT recovery, proactive anomaly detection, and predictive budget planning.

Greenway is simple!


The financial reporting solution that will save costs.

Advanced Spend Analysis Access detailed spend analysis for in-depth visibility. Identify trends, priorities and optimization opportunities, facilitating strategic and informed financial management.  
Cost Comparison and Market Purchases Compare costs and purchases against market standards. Identify gaps, assess supplier competitiveness, and adjust your sourcing strategies to optimize costs while maintaining quality.  
Automated VAT Recovery Simplify VAT recovery with automated features. Track eligible transactions, optimize refunds, and ensure tax compliance, helping to maximize the financial benefits of your business.  
Financial Budget Prediction Use advanced prediction tools to anticipate future budgets. Integrate predictive models, adjust financial plans in real time and ensure proactive budget planning, promoting agile and responsive financial management.  
Anomaly Detection in Cost Centers Quickly identify anomalies in cost centers. Use advanced algorithms to spot unexpected discrepancies, facilitating early detection of potential problems and enabling rapid intervention to ensure financial stability.  
Interactive Dashboards Create interactive dashboards for dynamic visualization of financial data. Analyze performance in real time, simplify reporting of results, and make informed decisions based on deep understanding.  
Early Warning on Budget Overruns Receive early alerts if you go over budget. Quickly identify critical situations, establish corrective measures and maintain control over expenses to ensure financial stability.  
Personalized Financial Reporting Generate customized financial reports to meet the specific needs of your business. Customize key performance indicators (KPIs) for in-depth analysis and effective reporting of financial results.  
Predictive Analysis of Purchasing Costs Anticipate future purchasing costs with predictive analytics tools. Use advanced models to assess cost fluctuations, facilitating proactive financial planning and optimal expense management.