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Virtual Cards: simplify your spending

Secure your company's online purchases with this virtual credit card.

What will you discover with Greenway?

Protect your company's online purchases and secure your transactions with this virtual credit card. Thanks to this innovative and reliable solution, you can make purchases in complete confidence, without fear of fraud or identity theft.

Greenway, it's easy!


Your company's new virtual cards.

Intelligent Spend Management Simplify financial management with an innovative pro virtual card. Track, categorize and analyze your business expenses in real time, optimizing your budgetary control and enhancing your company's financial transparency.  
Multi-level safety Protect your transactions with advanced security features such as two-step verification and suspicious activity detection, ensuring total confidentiality and peace of mind.  
Easy integration Gain in efficiency by connecting your virtual pro card to your management tools. Seamless integration with accounting software and productivity applications facilitates data synchronization for seamless management.  
Real-time notifications Stay informed instantly with real-time notifications of transactions, authorizations or limits exceeded. Manage your business with responsiveness, optimizing your decision-making.  
Simplified expense management Simplify the reimbursement process by easily capturing, uploading and tracking your receipts with the integrated expense management function, improving your administrative efficiency.  
Customizable Expense Limit Control your budgets with customizable spending limits for each professional category. Customize thresholds to optimize management of financial resources, ensuring funds are used wisely.  
Access to Analytical Reports Get detailed reports on your business expenses. Analyze trends, identify savings opportunities and make informed decisions to optimize your budget and grow your business.  
Responsive customer support Benefit from dedicated and responsive customer support. Resolve your virtual pro card issues quickly and ensure a smooth experience, reinforcing confidence in your transactions.  
Integrated Carbon Calculator Measure and minimize your carbon footprint with an integrated calculation function. Track the environmental impact of your transactions for more sustainable and responsible business choices.